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Workout Library
A Massive Library of Workout Routines Available On Any Web Enabled Device.
We have a massive library of workout routines available on any web enabled device. When you get this system you gain unlimited access to hundreds of exercises & workout routines for numerous fitness goals...
Six Pack Abs Workout Routine
Sales Value: $17.65
Hip & Buns Workout Routine
Sales Value: $17.65
Cardio Fitness Workout Routine
Sales Value: $17.65
Arms & Shoulders
Toning Routine
Sales Value: $17.65
Chest & Back
Sales Value: $17.65
Bodyweight Cardio & Tone Workout Routine
Sales Value: $17.65
Exercise Database
In The Mood To Create Your Own Workouts?
Use our exercise database to design your own workout routines...
Access Our Online Database of Over 500 Exercises. Master a new level of strength and muscle tone with load bearing and body-weight exercises that progress in difficultly as you get stronger.
A Woman's Guide To Strength Training Ebook
A fitness ebook with text, video and photo narratives.
A workout tutorial designed for women that will carve long lean muscles without muscle strain or excess bulk.  
Handbook Sales Value: $39.99
We designed this workout with a woman's form in mind...
A Woman's Guide To Strength Training  uses dumbbells, barbells and body-weight to build lean muscle, create strong bones and increase your strength. 
Long, Lean Muscles
More About This Woman's Workout...
This workout routine will Help You Develop Long, Lean Muscles That Accentuate Your Natural Female Form. It Can Be Used at the Gym, At Home or Wherever You Desire To Train.
Weight Loss & Fat Burning Ebook
A fitness ebook with text, video and photo narratives.
These photo tutorials take you through each movement that makes up the workout routine, plus they explain every exercise. Once downloaded The Weight Loss and Fat Burning Handbook is available on any device that can read PDFs. Internet not needed.  
Handbook Sales Value: $39.99
A Highly Effective, Easy To Understand Workout Plan...
This system has been designed for simplicity and effectiveness by expert trainers in a gym setting. 

It Can Be Used at the Gym, At Home or Wherever You Desire To Train.
Exercise diagrams that walk you through each movement.
The Strength Training Guide uses smart photo tutorials, clear narrative and dynamic video to teach you highly effective fitness movements.

Sets, repetitions and exercise directions are clearly marked for every movement.
Workouts for every strength level...
Our Beginner Level Workouts
This beginner routine is designed to build a foundation of stability, strength and endurance to enable you to progress safely and effectively to the next fitness level

Our Intermediate Level Workouts
Our second level in the Weight Loss and Fat Burning Handbook. This level is designed to build upon the foundation you craft in with the beginner level routine and continue your progression in stability, strength and endurance.
Our Advanced Level Workouts
As you get stronger, your workout routine must progress also. This is the third level in the Weight Loss and Fat Burning Handbook. You will train to develop tempo control, good balance, good endurance, and good core strength. This routine will begin to push your fitness level to new heights.
Our Elite Level Workouts
After months of training in this system, your workout will continue to progress your fitness level. This elite level workout is the fourth level in the Weight Loss and Fat Burning Handbook. At this stage you are now working towards your peak performance.
If you aren't happy with this workout system
we will refund your money. 
Designed to Be Simple. With Easy To Follow Guidelines
Burn fat and increase your metabolism
Improved strength and general conditioning
Sculpt your arms and shoulders
Increased flexibility and range of motion
Tone your hips, buns and legs with long lean muscles.
Core strengthening exercises for your abdominal muscles and obliques
Improved posture and sculpted back muscles
Clear video demonstrations of each exercise available on any web enabled device.
Each exercise video will dynamically adjust to the best dimensions and resolution for your device. 
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Recipe and Eating Guide
A meal planning guide with healthy options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

A Shopping Guide: healthy ingredients to buy this week.

Getting Started Guide...
 This guide will help you get started with The Woman's Guide To Strength Training and The Weight Loss and Fat Burning Handbook.

Backed by a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee....
We strive to make only five-star products. If you are not happy with the quality of our system and the workout routines we offer for any reason, contact us for a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.
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itrainelite brings people of all fitness levels and hundreds of fitness goals together in one place. For example, a couch potato wanting to drop fat, a new mother, and a gym addict can find expert video workouts alongside athletes that want to cut like a running back, stop on a dime, and jump like a gazelle.
The exercise methodology is simultaneously expert and elegant, with attention to tempo, order of exercise, balance, posture, and stability. The system is a brainchild of a group of fitness professionals with experience as gym owners, personal trainers, martial artists, sports performance specialists, and injury recovery gurus.
You can spend $100 to $150/hr working with your average personal trainer and still not have access to the scope, depth, and flexibility of the itrainelite system. Every video workout is a progression (from beginner to elite) painstakingly tested in a gym or in-home environment to give you the very best results.

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I need help or guidance?
While we don't anticipate that you'll be confused, we have a world class support system to help if you do. We provide every customer with support contact info that goes to a real fitness trainer. Contact us at for any support you need.

How do I know this system is right for me?
The Weight Loss, Strength and Fat Burning System is designed to be simple, safe and effective. It allows you to start at a beginner level and progress as you get stronger. But if for any reason you decide this system is not for you, you can contact us and we'll refund your money.
Is this a real money back guarantee?
YES. If you are not happy for any reason, contact us within 60 days of purchase and you will get your money back. No questions asked.

What's the format of this handbook?  The Workout System is delivered as a digital ebook in PDF format. The Website Membership Can be accessed immediately upon beginning your 14 day trial. Each exercise can be streamed as a video when you are connected to WiFi.

If you scrolled down to quickly check out the price, here is a recap on why you should buy The Weight Loss, Strength and Fat Burning System.  
Exercises that build, strengthen & sculpt long lean muscle
Techniques tested by top fitness professionals 
Movements that burn fat as you build muscle
Exercises that increase bone  density
The Weight Loss, Strength and Fat Burning System is Available Immediately For Access.
 100% Risk Free. Money Back Guarantee
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